Mayoly Spindler is an independent French family-run pharmaceutical company which has been growing for several decades thanks to effective and recognized pharmaceutical products.
We have extensive expertise in gastroenterology, rheumatology, ENT, general medicine and consumer health solutions. We have also diversified into dermocosmetics, with our Topicrem and Charlieu product lines. With our own production facilities, we are able to control our industrial developments.

Our business plan centres on the talent of our employees. We are a respectful and caring organization that values entrepreneurial spirit, pragmatism and responsibility.

All of us at Mayoly Spindler work together to grow our laboratories globally.

Jean-Nicolas Vernin – CEO

Our business spans multiple therapeutic areas in the fields of gastroenterology, rheumatology and ENT, as well as general medicine and dermocosmetics. Mayoly Spindler has built a solid reputation for reliability and innovation based on our excellent track record.

Not only are we an independent laboratory that designs and manufactures our products at facilities based in France, but we also have a strong and distinctive philosophy organized around three strategic principles that guide our actions at all times. First, our thirst for innovation and our entrepreneurial spirit. Second, a vision that is expressed in our commitment to becoming an international leader in gastroenterology and dermocosmetics.

Today, this growth strategy is being implemented, and our global presence is expanding steadily, supported by specifically targeted geographical objectives. Third, our strong values that are shared by all of us at Mayoly Spindler: respect, pragmatism and responsibility.

Stéphane Thiroloix – Managing Director

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