Become an international leader in gastroenterology and dermocosmetics.

Mayoly Spindler is an independent French pharmaceutical and dermocosmetics company with revenue of €182 million, of which 41% is generated outside France, our domestic market. We operate internationally through subsidiaries in Russia, Algeria, Mexico, Belgium and Spain, as well as through distributors in nearly 70 countries. Our portfolio is resolutely oriented toward gastroenterology, from hospital specialty products to the OTC market, and dermocosmetics, with a range of products sold exclusively in pharmacies and recommended by dermatologists.

We have established strong partnerships with the United States (Salix & Braintree), with international groups (Dr Falk, Vifor), and with the French company Ipsen. Mayoly Spindler has always been interested in establishing valuable partnerships with other businesses while supporting our own development projects.

However, to rise to the rank of international leader in gastroenterology and dermocosmetics, we need new technologies, ideas, products and insight, which can be found anywhere around the globe. With your innovations or ideas, you can help transform Mayoly Spindler. We want to hear from you!

Our business development activities are driven by pharmaceutical industry experts with extensive experience in negotiating, structuring and contracting agreements.



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